Feet at risk of development of ulcerations and amputations in diabetics


  • Magnollya Moreno de Araujo
  • Ana Maria Parente Garcia Alencar


Diabetes mellitus, Foot ulcer, Amputation, Diabetic foot.


It is a retrospective and documentary study with quantitative approach which was carried out in a Reference Unit in Diabetes between October and November, 2007. Its main objective was to identify feet at risk of developing ulcerations and amputa­tions. A form was used as an instrument of data collection and the sample was composed of 235 handbooks. We verified that 154(68%) respondents are female, 149(66%) are aged over 60 years old, 161(72%) are married and 217(96%) have DM type 2. Concerning risk factors, we found out that 141(63%) have high blood pressure, 54(24%) are smokers and 60(27%) are obese. We detected, through physical evaluation data, that 61(27%) have feet at high risk of development of ulcerations and amputations. We so concluded that health professionals must implement measures for prevention and health education so that they can avoid complications related to diabetic feet.




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Araujo, M. M. de, & Alencar, A. M. P. G. (2009). Feet at risk of development of ulcerations and amputations in diabetics. Rev Rene, 10(2). Retrieved from http://periodicos.ufc.br/rene/article/view/4761



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