Perception of the elderly on the institutionalization: reflection on nursing care


  • Bárbara Tarouco da Silva
  • Silvana Sidney Costa Santos
  • Mara Regina Santos da Silva
  • Lenice Dutra de Sousa


Nursing, Homes for the Aged, Aged.


This study aimed to identify the profile of elderly residents in long-stay institutions in the south of the country, identifying the perception of people about the institution. It also aimed to identify the perception of the other residents, employees, of nursing care and to discuss and reflect about nursing care to the elderly living in long stay institutions. This is a qualitative exploratory-descriptive research, which was done in a long-stay institution in Rio Grande do Sul. The subjects were seniors living in this place. We used for collecting the data an interview guide and the recording. After the analysis, the data were grouped by the profile of participants, about the perception of older residents and employees of the institution, and perception of nursing care they received. Subsequently, we discussed and reflected on the nursing care for elderly residents in long-stay institutions, considering the current context of the writings of Brazilian nurses. This study may contribute to the nursing gerontogeriatry, providing grants to improve the health of institutionalized elderly.





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Silva, B. T. da, Santos, S. S. C., Silva, M. R. S. da, & Sousa, L. D. de. (2009). Perception of the elderly on the institutionalization: reflection on nursing care. Rev Rene, 10(4). Retrieved from



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