Sociodrama: strategy for nurses’ self-reflection on blindness


  • Inacia Sátiro Xavier de França
  • Francisco Stélio de Sousa
  • Ana Paula Andrade Ramos
  • Fabiana Coriolano Ribeiro Cavalcante
  • Cibely Freire de Oliveira



Blindness, Nursing, Health Education, Psychodrama.


Objective: to investigate the master students’ expressions about feelings, difficulties and challenges arising from participation in sociodrama “as if” they were blind. Methods:qualitative study. Participants were eight Master students in nursing. They used sociodrama, a video recorder and the Content Analysis technique. In implementing the sociodrama, the steps were followed were warm-up, drama, comments and theoretical processing. Results: the following thematic categories emerged: the role as blind person triggering limitation, blocking and fear; the role as blind person triggering a confused notion of one’s own body; spontaneity and creativity expressed by Master students. Conclusion: the Master students expressed the feeling of fear to walking in an environment with which they were already familiar, had difficulty in eating because of the confused notion of their own body, and could reflect on the challenge of caring for the blind person, because they realized that they were professionally unprepared to take care of these individuals. 




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França, I. S. X. de, Sousa, F. S. de, Ramos, A. P. A., Cavalcante, F. C. R., & Oliveira, C. F. de. (2016). Sociodrama: strategy for nurses’ self-reflection on blindness. Rev Rene, 17(4), 498–505.



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