Evaluating a discipline of the degree course in nursing under a visão transformadora


  • Elizabeth Mesquita Melo
  • Taciana Cavalcante de Oliveira
  • Maria Grasiela Teixeira Barroso


Evaluation, Teaching, learning, education nursing.


We aimed at to analyze the discipline Theoretical and Methodological Bases of nursing, to observe and to describe the teaching-learning process, and to identify means and difficulties. I study descriptive, accomplished with 37 enrolled students in the discipline, through questionnaire and observation. Most of the students considered the teaching strategy adapted. The relationship teacher-student / student-teacher was based on the communication it executes between educator and student, contributing to the process teaching-learning, in spite of some difficulties noticed by the students. The discipline uses a teaching-learning process based on the construction of a critical knowledge and transformer, evidencing quite interactive teaching strategies, with emphasis in the horizontal relationship.




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Melo, E. M., Oliveira, T. C. de, & Barroso, M. G. T. (2002). Evaluating a discipline of the degree course in nursing under a visão transformadora. Rev Rene, 3(1). Retrieved from http://periodicos.ufc.br/rene/article/view/5752



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