Critical study concerning the content of theses of nursing


  • Zuila Maria de Figueiredo Carvalho
  • Francisca Nellie de Paula Melo
  • Lucia de Fatima da Silva
  • Marta Maria Coelho Damasceno
  • Maria de Nazaré de Oliveira Fraga


Nursing, Nursing research, Evaluation studies.


Study that analyzes the content of nurses’ theses in the conceptual, methodological and interpretative dimensions, according to Parse, Coyne and Smith. It is a documental critic proceeded by the reading of 6 theses produced in masters degree programs in Brazil, made possible by the filling out of a form, concerning  to the established. Patterns by the author of the critical model. The data were interpreted according to the analysis’ references and pertinent literature. The evaluation revealed that the standard content in the theses contemplates the conceptual dimension, because its study objects keep relation with health (5), they are based in the knowledge of the Nursing (6) and the revisions of the literature reach the investigated problems (6). With relationship to the methodological dimension, the studies evidence adaptation of the sample to the research method (6), the collections of data appropriate to the investigation models and proposed objectives (6) and the initial questions are addressed for the discoveries (6) and they reflect heuristic knowledge (6). Of the accomplishment of this critical reflection concerning nurses’ theses, it is possible to consider that this is a necessary and indispensable exercise in the research in Nursing. Such practice, certainly, contributes to the excellence of these investigations.




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Carvalho, Z. M. de F., Melo, F. N. de P., Silva, L. de F. da, Damasceno, M. M. C., & Fraga, M. de N. de O. (2001). Critical study concerning the content of theses of nursing. Rev Rene, 2(2). Retrieved from



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