Self-exam of the breast in young women and the relationship with self-care


  • Raimunda Magalhães da Silva
  • Dafne Paiva Rodrigues
  • Almerinda Holanda Gurgel
  • Leiliane Martins Farias


self-examination, nursing students’, self-care.


The study objectifies to evaluate the nursing students’ knowledge and the self-care deficit concerning the self-exam of breast; to identify the meaning of the breasts for each student and to analyze the advantages of the application of educational techniques and your influence for the formation of agents multipliers. It was accomplished after the development of participated  techniques applied to 31 nursing students in May of 1997 and May of 1998 in the cities of Quixadá and Camocim in the State of Ceará. The results evidence the great importance of the breasts associated to the sexuality, in the context of the femininity, gone back to the exercise of the maternity. At first there was resistance to the method, the it made possible to characterize us of self-care deficit for shyness and for ignorance, but at the end of the workshop it was told by the members of the group changes of behavior in what they refers to the learning of the techniques and the self-confidence in the accomplishment of the practice. The shop method on self-exam of breast configured as important for the practice of the nursing, by virtue of the insert of knowledge inside of techniques, what stimulates the participation of the group, facilitating the learning.




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