Nursing perception about emergency unit


  • Luciene Miranda de Andrade
  • Joselany Afio Caetano
  • Enedina Soares


Perception, Emergency nursing, Emergencies.


The emergency as the door of entrance of a hospital, where the main decisions and attitudes concerning the patient’s life are taken. It is waited that the professionals that act in the Unit of Emergency (U.E.) they are qualified to develop tasks with efficiency and effectiveness. The study was developed with 17 nurses of a public hospital of reference in Fortaleza. In this study it was objectified to know the level of the nurses qualification that act in U.E. with views the main difficulties felt and the satisfaction degree for the work. It was used for collection of data an instrument contends six subjects previously elaborated. The data were quantitatively analyzed and presented in tables and graphs. The results denote the nurse profile approached to the patterns approved by the Executive Committee of Nurses of the Division of Clinical and Surgical Nursing of the American Association of the Nurses of the Department of Emergency. We concluded that the nurses like the service and therefore, the existent limitations influence a little in the degree of the professional’s satisfaction.




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