Maternal mourning: pain and coping with the loss of a baby

Beatriz Gonçalves Lopes, Pollyanna Kássia de Oliveira Borges, Clóris Regina Blanski Grden, Cibele de Moura Sales, Nauristela Ferreira Paniago Damasceno, Carlos Eduardo Coradassi


Objective: to understand how mothers experienced the experience of their babies’ mourning. Methods: this is a qualitative study, conducted with nine mothers who experienced the loss of a child under one year. Semistructured interviews were conducted, and the reports were organized using the Collective Subject Discourse. Results: the participants indicated the complexity and difficulties of the mourning process, implying a grief thatlasted but could be overcome through spirituality and family support. They also showed the lack of support from the health services. Conclusion: c


Infant Mortality; Grief; Mother-Child Relations.

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