Clinical evaluation of leg ulcers in elderly patients


  • Jordana Prado Benevides
  • Janaína Fonseca Victor Coutinho
  • Míria Conceição Lavinas Santos
  • Maria José Aguiar de Oliveira
  • Francisca de Fátima Vasconcelos


Aged, Leg Ulcer, Nursing Assessment.


The aim of this work was to perform a clinical evaluation of leg ulcers in elderly patients in a specialized clinic. An Exploratory-descriptive, cross-sectional research was carried out from August to November 2010, and the population consisted of elderly patients with leg ulcers assisted in the wound dressing room of the Surgery Ambulatory of a University Hospital in Fortaleza-CE, Brazil. Data were collected through interviews using a form. The study included 53 elderly, average age 69.3 years, 27 (51.0%) time of ulcer ≥ 1 year, 34 (64.1%) with ulcer location in Zone I, 53 (100 %) with tissue loss, 40 (75.5%) with necrosis, 43 (81.1%) with infection and 32 (60.4%) of those with exudate and odor, and 50.0% with 29 (54.7 %) presence of pain. It was concluded that clinical assessment of leg ulcers is an important step during the approach to the patient and the choice of treatment what should be performed by a professional with competence on the subject.



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Benevides, J. P., Coutinho, J. F. V., Santos, M. C. L., Oliveira, M. J. A. de, & Vasconcelos, F. de F. (2012). Clinical evaluation of leg ulcers in elderly patients. Rev Rene, 13(2). Retrieved from



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