Near miss maternal: influencing factors and guidelines for reducing maternal morbidity and mortality

Alana Santos Monte, Igor Cordeiro Mendes, Mônica Batista Oliveira Oriá, Francisco Herlânio Costa Carvalho, Helen Brown, Ana Kelve de Castro Damasceno


Objective: to analyze the scientific evidence about the factors influencing maternal near miss cases and possible guidelines for reducing maternal morbidity and mortality. Methods:integrative review with 2895 articles found and 17 selected articles. Results: the factors influencing the near miss cases were: delays in obstetric care; unprepared health team; precarious conditions of services; limited availability of blood derivatives; and prenatal disability, the limited use of evidence-based practices and audits. As main directions to minimize these events, we have evidenced: to strengthen the network of reference and counter-reference; carry out professional training; improve prenatal coverage; and invest in infrastructure, process management and clinical audits. Conclusion: the factors that influence the maternal near miss cases range from delayed care to failure to perform prenatal care, whose management improvement is the main direction.


Maternal Mortality; Morbidity; Maternal Health; Near Miss, Healthcare; Nursing.



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