Analysis of scientific production on obstetrical nursing in Scielo database


  • Priscila de Souza Aquino
  • Raul Feitoza Rogerio
  • Sabrina Ferreira da Silva
  • Ana Karina Bezerra Pinheiro
  • Ana Kelve de Castro Damasceno


Obstetrical nursing, scientific publication indicators, research, database.


It was by recognizing the importance of research for the advancement of obstetrical nursing, that this research was done. It also aimed to characterize the scientific output of obstetrical nursing available in the database Scielo, regarding the structural and content aspects. It was a descriptive and bibliographic study, conducted between September and October 2008 in the database Scielo through the descriptor obstetrical nursing. The articles analyzed totaled 32. The results showed a scientific production mainly performed by PhD nurses, predominantly produced in the southeast of the country. The journal in which the topic was published the most was the Latin American Journal of Nursing. The articles were original, with a qualitative approach and data collection in prenatal services, mostly done with nurses. It was found out that the publications are relevant to clinical practice, and presents features of quality showing greater involvement of nursing in the scientific community, contributing to the professional growth.



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Aquino, P. de S., Rogerio, R. F., Silva, S. F. da, Pinheiro, A. K. B., & Damasceno, A. K. de C. (2011). Analysis of scientific production on obstetrical nursing in Scielo database. Rev Rene, 12(1). Retrieved from



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